New Video

Hey I made a video 2 days ago and now decided to post it.

Sorry about all the black near the end.

its 9 months of riding…and im 4’ 11".


You may want to try ridding in lots of diffrent places :wink:

ya i know…but it was just a quick video…im planning on makeing a very good video…

cool video and ya u should film in more than one place:) (you never used that ramp:p

Hey, thanks, I know im going to make a new video when the sun comes out more and im going to got to some skateparks and in my town…and at my friends houses.


( Ike is my nickname )

Hey you just reminded me theres a skatepark i wanna go to here sooo bad, and i get to go when the weather is nice.

Cannot wait!
Show up some skaters lol.