new video!!!!!!!!!!!!

new video my friend and I made today, but some of the film 2 weeks ago.
Hope you enjoy
high res
low res

hope you enjoy

Jeff SIrocki! Does your father know youve been hopping down those steps? Nice 1/2 flips and crazynesses but your freind should bc because YES.

that was some nice riding. i liked that drop off the playground

those were like 3/4 flips:p and the one down the 3 set was full

Cool, try to hop less with the flatland stuff though.

thanks for the tip:)

nice vid man nice vid. lol even tho im alredy in it:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

great video although, I have to agree alot of hopping.

thanks :slight_smile:

thats mad crazy jeff! you should crank flip of the stage on thursday…yeah…:o

lol i bet i’d have a pretty nice bail I’m going to try to bring alecs camera on Thursday:) Make a really short vid of like me, you, Bryan, my friend, and Kaycee if he wants to

I got it on google if any1 had problems with it

Click Here

Ps I just landed a 180 crankflip or ya, but I think I only got it to go like 3/4:( I wish i could spin it faster

very nice! youre better than me at street/flatland stuff!

I need to work on less pre hops:p thanks for the compliment:)