New Video Voting on

There is now a new Video Voting section, for all styles of unicycle vodeos. The way it will work is you upload the video to YouTube first (as they have a much faster server than me this will make viewing the videos much quicker), then you simply take the “Embed” script off the right hand side of the page where you video is displayed on YouTube, go to upload Video on unicyclepics and paste it in where it says.
your video is then automaticaly uploaded to our database and displayed on the Vote on videos page for you and everyone else to vote on.
there will also be a No.1 Video page for each style, coming soon.
hope that all make sense, if anyone has and question, just ask. :slight_smile:
cheers Pete.

i added my video there
its in street

glad to see you didn’t have vany problems uploading, :slight_smile: Good vid by the way.
Please do keep uploading, we have unlimited space, so the more the merryer. :wink:

Cheers Pete

sweet, i definetly will because it was very quick and easy

The new video voting section has now been put on its own demain, ( and redesigned. there will be new sections added to it over the next month or so, but please start uploading all your videos, as like i said before, we have unlimmeted space and it’s the videos that make the site… :wink:
if you have any problems, please post on here, or email me
(Pete at unicyclepics dot co .uk)
Cheers Pete