New Video: Uni-Geezer "Counter Maneuvers"

I had so much fun with this one mostly because of the real and candid reactions I got from people!:smiley: This one particular lady at Office Depot was total GOLD! :stuck_out_tongue: And yes, her reaction was toally real and spontanious! Fantastic! Overall, just a fun day goofing around. Hope you enjoy it.

Here’s a second “supplemental” video showing some cool 1-foot mounts and stuff I learned. I tried to combine both of them in Movie maker but it wouldn’t let me! :angry:

do you have change for a dollar? :smiley:

great vid!!!

Hahaha, that was great!
Your movies just keep getting better, that one was really funny.
I liked the camera angle from above when you were hopping on the roots, looked nice.

love your vids man, keep it up!

good stuff as always. so how many counters did you get to jump off? just the one? the shot from the tree to the roots was pretty cool aswell.

Nice videos as always. Loved the McDonald’s clip.

McDonald’s? Do you mean the place where I jumped off the counter? Don’t remember the name of the place but it wasn’t mcdees.:slight_smile:

Dairy Queen!:slight_smile:

Wow I think you’re right! That’s the first DQ I’ve seen in my area. Btw, the pallets in the opening were found behind the local Home Depot! As I was setting up one of the employees was spying on me; probably thought I was going to steal some pallets!

Only the one place would allow me to do it…I asked around at a dozen places or so until I got the go ahead! Oh yeah the tree shot was fun; I had to wedge the camera/tripod up in the tree to get angle.

Your crazy! :slight_smile: Thanks for all these fun videos.

damnit! i wish i was improving as much as you were. Great vid as always. BTW, do you have change for a dollar?

That was a fantastic movie, Yay for Dairy Queen, I still can’t believe people let you ride inside!

One thing I think that is my obligation to mention, It’s probably in the best interest of your public freedom to not go tearing up Newsstands and Mailboxes.

But hey, I don’t like getting in trouble, you may ;).

Hey Terry, Your living the dream…

A great thing about riding a unicycling is that all the world becomes a playground. Everywhere, I’m noticing a place to ride sometime, a great hill or bluff that would be a challenge to ride. You’ve taken that to the nth degree. Never thought of doing a Dairy Queen, or Office depot. Good for you, thinking way outside the sand box.

Loved the “Are you kidding? That’s too big, use this one!”
Good point in the post above about not damaging property!!

whaat!? :thinking:

If I tried to do that anywhere around here, I’d probably get kicked out/arrested immediately…I hate being associated with my generation.

No trouble so far. :slight_smile: I haven’t tried jumping on any mailboxes…that’s federal property. As for the newstands, I really want to do a whole row of them, but so far I haven’t found a solid enough rack that I feel will withstand the weight. I thought of using a couple of “scissor-type” car jacks as support, but haven’t gotten that far yet.

I really just enjoy the creative process of these various videos. I’m always trying to think of new things to do, and figure you only live once, and at 51 I’d better go for it whhhile I still can! :sunglasses:


Where I am It’s easy to do a, “whole row,” of newsstands. You hardly ever see more than 2 :D.

NICE VIDEOS! did you really sidehop 5 feet? that’s as far as I am tall! I don’t think I could even do that yet! Great job and the videos were fun to watch, I hope to see more soon!

Actually I have to go back and measure that gap. I believe it is very close to 5 feet, but I want to make sure. I seem to remember that it’s around 60-63", but now I’m curious to go confirm it! :stuck_out_tongue: