New Video: Uni-Geezer: "Back in the saddle"

It’s been a while since my last video due to a badly bruised tailbone, but I just couldn’t wait to get “back in the saddle!” I’m basically testing the waters (but not falling in like last time! :astonished: ) so my riding is a little tamer than usual. Every hop/drop caused some pain, but I still went for it!:stuck_out_tongue:

The main thing is that I’m not going to let my [advancing] old age hold me back! :smiley: On the contrary, I will strive to improve everyday (with the great advice and encouragement from everybody here!) because I want to be doing this well into my 70’s and even 80’s! With that in mind I’ve really only just begun! :sunglasses:

I always like doing new and different stuff in my vids, and so in this one there’s one segment in particular that I had a blast doing, (Who knows, it may just spark a new Uni-sport!) plus a few other fun bits. After the creds there’s also a sequence of my uni-ride through Walmart!

I hope you enjoy this installment and post a comment. Thanks everybody and to my friend Jim (Munivision), get well soon! :slight_smile:


Am I having premonitions or did you already make this thread…?

Yeah but as so many others, I wanted to post it here too, rather than “bump” the original thread I posted in RCU, because it’s on the second or third page now, and ppl that haven’t yet seen it, are more likely to see it here, since it will remain on ther first page much longer.:smiley:

Wow Terry, your videos are great :slight_smile: Always funny, always
refreshing after watching pogostick-style-jumping videos :slight_smile:
And, heh, you owned that Walmart! :wink:


Excellent video yet again my friend, I’m going to ride through Target now(the nearest Wal-Mart is an hour and a half drive from here) I’ll let you know how that goes… I may even video it like you did with Wal-Mart your definitely the coolest 51 year old I know :smiley:

Oh, I was under the impression that you had made the first thread in the video forum.

Thanks very much. It means a lot to me when I get these postive comments! It’s really the reason why I make these videos.:slight_smile:

Another Great Uni Geezer!

Another Great Uni Geezer!

Me and my friend get kicked off Walmart/Samsclub property just for riding outside their buildings (they are right next to each other). Some employee saw us who was on brake sitting outside of Samsclub. She went inside and told someone else and they announced on the loudspeaker exactly, “Can someone go get those kids on bicycles. They are gonna kill themselves”. Then this other lady came out and told us how It was private property and we had to leave. Then were doing some tricks at the back of the parking lot And this other security guard driving around the saw us by this ledge and waved her finger at us disapprovingly. :frowning: So we had to go somewhere else.

Well at least you can get away with stuff like that:D
Anyway keep the Uni Geezers coming!:wink:

Haha I was told the same thing about being on “private property” by the manager of Von’s grocery store when I was getting ready to do my Newspaper stand drops!

Some employee on break overheard the manager, so after he left, the guy said he would watch to make sure he wasn’t coming back so I could do my jump and film it…it worked!:smiley:

Good one! I’m starting to sound like a broken record:p

I’ve gotten used to see what you’ve come up with each week :sunglasses:

Maybe because Terry’s was a relatively in and out and wasn’t really doing any tricks. I’ve thought of doing the same, I’ve even had some requests by employees, but I don’t have the nessesary control to garantee I won’t hit anyone or thing.