New Video: "Uni-Geezer 3...Goin' for Broke!"

Hope you all enjoy this (Most likely, final) installment of “Geezer” videos. It’s been tremendous fun making this series, and I really appreciate all your wonderful comments!

Also, your tips and advice have helped me greatly!
There’s a few little fun bits included, like a “man on the street” type of Q & A asking a guy to guess who Kris Holm and Xavier Collos is!

Also in this vid I try my hand at grinding for the very first time, and jumping a new, higher 5-set, and instead of just hopping up onto a park bench, I try going all the way up & over the backrest, with pretty funny results!:smiley: (I used my own bench which was/is waaay unstable and wobbly! :astonished: )

Also some really good UPD’s after the credits.

Thanks everybody!:):p:D :sunglasses:


Xavs a Dictator!!! :astonished: HAAAHAA LOOOLLL

NOICE! dude, youre awesome-er than before, i think ive only done a 4 set…:slight_smile: but now i have to do a 5 since you did.

hehehe my biggest set was a 4 too
yesterday i bailed hard on a five set
but you did it!
i will do it today

i cant let a old man do more than me!

ahhahah just kidding terry!
tip : on 180 unispin try to get more jump from the uni it will let the uni spin more…
that jump like the picture on uni magazine is really great to learn because its the same legs work for unispin

Terry, keep 'em coming! I’m almost 54 and just started uni’ing ths Christmas. Your videos are a great inspiration. I just spent last night watching all 40 (now 41) of your YouTube videos; cool stuff.

Thanks JJ youcould prolly easily do a SIX set! Hey when ya gonna make that skateboard vid??

YEah it’s really nerves that keep me from jumping higher off the pedals, but I’m workin on it…thanks!:smiley:

Wow! All of them?? I’m really flattered! I’ve been meaning to go back and watch some of my older vids to see if I’ve improved any. And speaking of “inspiration”, yours and everyone’s comments with tips and encouragement are an inspiration to me! Thanks for watching! :D:):stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

I love these videos. For the grind you should work on hopping off the rail. That way you’ll be off before your tire hits the ground.