New Video - Tell me What you think How to improve

Vimeo, wont let me play.

Yeah your music is blocked in canada too.

blocked in sweden to :stuck_out_tongue:

“This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

I think it would be helpfull if people could see your video.

Make your video availible to people so they can tell you what they think and how to improve!


haha unviewable


maybe we give tips from just the thumbnail? i can see that.

Be careful when riding on the edge of fountains and pools… falling in is not fun.



neeed toooo seeeeeeeeeeeeee

I could see your video (UK), and to improve, when going down from ledges, try and do it slightly more smoothly. I mean; when bunny hopping down from things, try and spend a little less time just bouncing on the edge, also, for the futher jumps, you could have compressed your tire a bit more.

The begging but of the video was just odd and I’d scap it. Other than that, good video

Liked it. How long have you been riding?
The camerawork was good, but if you could get someone a little closer for some tricks

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