New Video: Street/Trials ("Str-ials") at Balboa lake & Skatepark

Holy S#@T! This was by FAR the most challenging, time consuming editing job I’ve done to date! More than 500 MB of raw footage, and a solid hour whittled down to about 6 minutes of fast action! Whew! (If the music’s too loud, please turn the volume down a little! :D)

Me, Cody, Spencer and Jarin met at Balboa lake, the venue for last year’s “Los Angeles uni-Roundup.” We spent about 2 hours there getting some cool (Or “sick”, as you youngins say.:p) footage, then we went to a local skatepark nearby; The people working there said we couldn’t ride our unis inside, (dang the luck!) so we decided to make the best of it and “improvise” just outside the 20’ chain-link fence, and we had tons of skaters come out to watch and try to ride our unis; a few were getting the hang of it fast! I’m sure we got some new converts!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the video, but don’t blink ‘cause it’s pretty fast paced! These guys are so freakin’ good-and I’m so far out of their league-but it was fun just watching, and learning from these guys!


Stay tuned for another, quite different video I made today at Dana Point harbor with Miles (Mornish), Tim (Unimog), and a newcomer and friend of Miles, whos name I can’t remember…sorry!:o

Nice, that was a fun ride. I am playing around on a skateboard in a lot of those skatepark parking lot shots because my uni had been hijacked:o
We filmed a lot of stuff.

Looks like you guys had a real fun time.

I still wish I could unispin, I think once I get it once, they will be much much easier.

Hay Terry what happend to the clips where I did the crankflip over the poor kid :smiley:

Iprobably missed that one; there was sooooo much footage to sift through! Iforgot to mention that movie maker kepy “crashing” so I had to go back and basically start over about 5 times! So I had to start manually “saving” each and EVERY time I made an edit, or risk losing my work again!

I sooo wish i lived in California to go unicyclin with you guys.

the movie rocked!

Yea, me too! It’s a PIA putting on all my ski outfit stuff just to unicycle (it’s 8 degrees here now).

I keep telling myself one day I’ll move, but I never seem to get to it before the next winter shows up.

Maybe global warming will help! :slight_smile:

Great vids, Terry! Keep them coming. I like the variety in your topics.

That was cool, how come you guys didn’t go into the skatepark though?

The global warming comment was funny. It’s like 6 here now, and it’s been like crap for about 2 weeks. We should come out of a cold front in a few days so I can start riding again. Nicely done guys.

-Shaun Johanneson

The pp working there said we couldn’t ride inside; probably a liability thing.

Lol but he offered to let us in after they closed :-p. But Terry asked him if we could ride on his bleachers outside the park and he didnt object to that as you can tell :-D.