New Video: MUni painting "Camo" Demo/tutorial

Well, I don’t profess to this being an official Camo-painting tutorial, but it was fun making this just to show the process, (or at least how I did it) and to show those who asked, how it was done.

Have a look and tell me what you think. Cya!:D:) :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks deceivingly easy. I’ve always wondered how to paint camo. Good stuff.

wow I Thought that was cool.


ive been wanting to paint my uni

did you have to do any pre-painting things? (sanding off paint ect.)


and then after that just spraypaint right?



Ok, I tried to change my pedals like that but it didn’t work. Is there some trick to it that I’m not getting? :thinking:

First was the etching primer.Waited maybe 10 minutes…it dries fast, then sand with 400 grit. Then start with the camo layers waiting maybe 10 minutes between coats, then final clear-coat matt finish. Final procedure is to burnish with 0000 steel wool. Done! :sunglasses:

haha yeah you have to spin them fast enough to warp time and space! Then the “change” takes place so fast that nobody in the current dimension can see it!:wink: (A little something I learned from Criss Angel, “Mindfreak!”)

Ahhh, I got it now, I love my new Drilliums! :smiley:

I was wondering how you got the camo colors just right like that.

Since I ride on the road a lot, and often at night, I’ve thought of painting my DX 24 camo in black, bright red and yellow, then cover it in reflective clear coat.

you didn’t paint the bearing holders.

they are blue.

Wow, thats an awesome paint job. I might have to steal that idea.

Umm… show us some pics of your paint job after a few hours of riding. I really don’t think spray paint would last that long, but maybe I’m just overly sceptical. I guess you could always paint it again when the current design wears out.

Well I applied several coats, plus a clear matt coat. But yeah, there will undoubtedly be wear, but hey, that is cool! Easy to touch up too.:slight_smile:

Hey Muniaddict
The new camo paint job looks great! Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve been following all your videos and they’re all awesome. I liked the picture when you stripped down the KH24 but when I saw it in the next video I thought YUCH! Looked cheap. Just have to break down the wheel and do the hub next.

Nice job…Hows it holding up so far?

I took it out for the first ride yesterday on the trail, and after a good workout and a couple upds, no scratches, dings or noticeable wear. So far so good! :smiley:

Ok im going to try it i think…I just love my blueness of my KH so much though…:frowning:

Yeah the blue is nice, but I just didn’t want it to look like ALL the rest…hence the change.

It may look really cool, but will never hold up as well as the original paint. Nice to be unique though, there sure are a lot of blue unis out there! On a Muni, the beat up look is good anyhow, so maybe the durability is not a factor.