NEW VIDEO: MUni-Geezers! (Three old guys shreddin' the slide!)

What a blast! Me, John (Vivalargo) and his friend Don (new to muni but learning fast!) met up for a wild ride down “Devil’s Slide” today, and we really hit some good technical lines! It was also nice not to be the oldest rider for a change!:smiley:

John is an old master at this stuff and for me it was hard enough just trying to match what he was doing! (It’s scary to think our me and John’s ages total 104!!! :astonished: Don was the “baby” of our group at just 42. Way to ride for your first time there Don!:p)

I went for a lot of stuff that I probably wouldn’t have if John hadn’t been there rooting me on! And like John said in his write-up,[ Terry and his Video camera -- Devil's Slide ] this place is FAR more challenging than what the camera can show, but we tried to give you some of the best angles.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the video and thanks to the “Bibble” for the song suggestions! Speaking of which…In the credits I mistakenly switched the first song title with the group name …just shows to go ya I don’t know much about today’s music!:slight_smile:

VIDEO LINK:…44680197635031

PS: I misspelled the title in the opening creds…guess I was just eager to get it posted plus I was/am tired!

Nice! That trail looks awesome:D

Evangeline (By Bad Religion) and Anarchy In the UK (PISTOLS!!! YEAH!)

good music because I picked it! :D:D:D:D :stuck_out_tongue:

i really really really want to try that trail one day.

Man, that’s a really knarly trail!:smiley:

Was it pretty cold that day?

Actually no it was pretty mild…ideal!:smiley:

Stop using google video!!! Use youtube like you used to so that I can watch your videos because i need to show them to my dad to convince him to ride.

Can’t you get google video? I started using it because it uploads faster, and you can download the videos. I was having problems with youtube; first it said the upload was successful, but then it would suddenly be “unavailable” and I lost a lot of viewers. But I will try youtube again for my next, and hopefully, best video yet! Thanks for your comment, and thanks so much for watching! :smiley: