New Video: Muni at Aliso Woods 7.7.07

We had the most amazing time at our usual MUni trail in OC’s Aliso Woods. We probably covered about 8 miles in our 2+ hours of riding. I was joined by Tim (unimog), Devin (Revolution) and the leader of the OC kids uni club, Adam, who brought along 3 little ones to ride along. Unfortunately, they came unprepared with no protective gear or water :astonished: , so that had to turn back soon after we started. So me Tim and Devin set off on a trip to the “top of the world”, and the uphill climbs were nothing compared to the steepest stretch that some call “dead mans climb!”.

This day even the most seasoned mtb-ers were walking their multi-thousand dollar rigs up this amazingly steep section, but Tim and I made it all the way to the very top, without ever dismounting!:stuck_out_tongue: At about the half-way point, we had to stand on the pedals doing half revs, leaning forward to keep the momentum going. My chest was burning like never before as I approached the summit, and when I finally got there I almost fell down in utter relief! Wow! The ride back down was a blast and icing on our cake for the hard work getting to the top.

This vid is quite short at 1:52 min., and basically just highlights one of our favorite technical sections of “Lynx trail”, then there’s a bit of footage at the end of our ride showing us doing some rolling hops over a concrete water drainage thing, with a few choice UPD’s. Overall, this one one heck of a cardio workout, so filming was kept to a minimum. I also hope you get a kick out of the opening still shot I made.:smiley:

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Great video, Terry. It’s great to watch Muni at my level. :slight_smile: No huge moves, just fun with skill. :sunglasses:


Thanks! Yeah this particular ride was mostly for endurance, without any big ledges or drops. There was quite a bit more climbing than our usual rides, which I really liked because then you really know you’re getting a great workout! There are several trails in the same area that do have more opportunity for the bigger moves.

Yeah nothing quite gets the adrenaline pumping like a nice big climb.

Cool, but why is BC wheel entered as tags? I didn’t see any bcs.

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Yeah, I know what you mean; there were four ball bearings missing from the cupboard last tuesday also!:smiley:

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Yeah that’s true, but only if you tilt it in a Northerly direction, but you already knew that. :roll_eyes:

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That was a very fun little ride but thursty DID not bring water to bad. I would like to go get food now so hungry. p.s. why so much incest porn on the other page. gerrr Mexico here i come. :smiley:

What page is that?

The tags I used are a kind of “catch-all”, but yeah, no BC in that vid. Also, when I start typing the first letter for the “tags”, the whole phrase (from my previously typed entry) automatically appears as a “shortcut” so you don’t have to re-type it all again, so I guess I was a bit lazy and just used that quick option. :smiley: