New Video form Korea

Unicycle festival video held on 10.15.2006 in Korea


i love that bit near the end where the guy goes to jump and the uni just flies out from under him. i’ve watched it like 50 times and in slow wo, hahahahahah !!

great video

and welcome to the fora

When is the next one? I have been looking for some more excuses to go to korea.

Awesome! That was like Takeshi’s castle on unicycles!
I like the use of tires as substitutes for pallets. Very resourceful!

Rock on!

I would also imagine that it would add a bit of difficulty. I have a hard time bouncing on things that bounce more than I do :p.

It’s good to see video from Korea. Was this event organized by the CUC (Corea Unicycling Club)?

have you seen andrew carter’s tyre faceplant? lol they make it much more difficult!

I really liked that video. Nice to see lots of people having fun and not just doing crazy insane hops and stuff.

Nice video.
Like the song:)

I like that video, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves :slight_smile:

And that trials course would suit me, it’s low :smiley:

Who ever thought filming racing would be interesting is an idiot. Stay with your freestyle vids. This vid was ugly.

I found it amusing to watch the races. Normaly I find races dry but they managed to show the races in a fun and exciting manner, plus I don’t think this video is about exceptionaly skilled riders, its about showing the fun of the festival.