new video...but i cant uplaod it

yo…i made forrest rackards video and it wont let me upload. ive tried the gallery here, myspace,…nothing is working. i have no idea what to do.

but man if i email it as an attachment can someone upload it for me?

Try Youtube.

yea actually i tried that too, it saiod it was too big. which is bs, its only 4 minutes. i dont know. but man forrest, i tried real hard man, and im still working at it. and it turned out better than any video ive ever done. youre gonna love it.

I sent you a PM, I’ll do it tomorrow.

It’s alright Jonny. You’ll get it.

i really hope so. it took me 2 hours in all, cuz i went back and did further editing to it.

So what like, file format and stuff is it? It osunds like something wrong with just the video file or is it your specific computer?

You can send it to me and I’ll look at it too if you want… can’t promise anything though…

i wouldnt let me email it…im gettin kinda mad cuz i spent lots of time making it perfect. i mean the video is so good its life changing. honestly. im still trying all types of outlets for it. please everyone put aside how much you hate me for the good of this vid. lol

How big is the file?? Most servers have a file size limit.

its 4 minutes but i dont know how many mb’s. i dotn know. im trying so many different outlets but absolutely ntiohing works. and i make videos all the time, so thats really strange to me. but forrest man real sorry i said it could be done tonight, i certainly didnt anticipate this. and i will definitley ask some of my brothers smart friends and see if they can help me out. and dude…its so life changing its unreal. i became wiser and better all around jsut by watching it back. its like…the ring, but the good version.

It’s alright jonny, for real. I really appreciate all your hard work. I don’t care if it takes a week to put it up.

Um, yeah, go to were it’s saved (probablly under My Computer or something) and hover the mouse over the file, it should tell you what the size is.

Although I doubt it’s over 100 Megabytes, which is the youtube limit.

If this hasnt been taken care of yet, just log into MSN, and send it over. I can put it in the gallery or anywhere from there.

Is it the right file type?

Why do I feel like you are just pulling our leg.

get radvid and make it into an AVI format, there is lots of info on radvid on the forums, it is free