New vid: Sun-Dried Unicyclists

Matt, Sam and I have finally finished our new video.

After some inspiration from a raisin box, we decided on Sun-Dried Unicyclists as the name, because it’s normally about 95-100 degrees when we ride.

Matt has been riding about 9 months, I’ve been riding about 6, and Sam about 2 months.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

yay for alex!!11!!one!!!1! but i still havent watched it yet

We didn’t get to put everything we filmed in, just because that was the end of the second song; just little rolling hops over stuff and a couple gaps. I know, I know, this video is pretty basic and easy stuff for you guys, but we enjoyed making it, and that’s what it’s all about, right?


yes it is.
good video, guys.
i liked it.

coool movie

nice vid. you guys have much more things to ride on than i do…wish i lived in a city.

I enjoyed the video :slight_smile:

Good work guys.

I should really go out and find some unicyclist instead of being the lonely unicyclist.


That was a fun video! Good job.:slight_smile:

I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks.

Texas gets so hot in the summer. it was like 90 to 100 everyday when I was there.

Best video I’ve seen all day.

Lets see, when I had been riding for about 9 months, I could…turn circles, hop once or twice, maybe start to ride backwards a little, and ride off our back porch.

I’ve been riding for like 9 months too:)

You guys are at about the same level as me. nice video. Jamin, I know what you mean, I seem to be the only unicyclist within ohio…

Fun video! You guys are progressing very nicely… I remember when Sockwithadude was just learning to ride, now he’s riding skinnies… sniff sniff I’m so proud to see you guys coming along!

That rolling, er, running hop was HUGE! :stuck_out_tongue: I want to see more!

I need to find more stuff to ride on, now that I have my permit I can go places farther away. I still need to find more unicyclist, hopefully in a few more months some of my friends I taught to ride will have some unis.

That’s one of the big things that Matt and I have noticed…we’re more adaptable. Like if we see something at some random place that isn’t one of our “comfort areas” (areas where we always ride), if it’s in our skill level, we can just go do it…

Very enjoyable. After nine months of me riding, I was probably just learning to hop.

Edit: that was my 200th post.


Bringin’ tears to my eyes, Jason.

Can you guys put it on google or youtube cuz my computer wont let me see it and i really want to. thanks