NEW VID: Muni w/Mornish

Awsome afternoon with me, Jim and Miles (Mornish). Just a beautiful, very technical mostly rock trail, with Miles the spiderman sticking to everthing and owning us all! :smiley:



And a waaaay smaller version for faster viewing:

Forgot this link to a smaller version in my gallery as well:

The wheel that mornish is riding looks like a 36". Mountain Uni, how long have u been riding? How long has mornish been riding?

Actually, Miles was using my other 24" KH freeride muni, but because he’s small, it looks more like a 29" or a coker on him! I’m not sure how long he’s been riding, (he’s 13) but I’ve been riding muni since about 2/06. (I’m with the camo helmet, dark clothes) and Jim’s been at it since about 4/06.

Super nice day!!! Good job on the video, Terry. The guy at the end talking about his essay, saw us and pulled that prank out of his hat with a totally straight face. It was totally cool and some of our party fell for it!! For all you Muni guys out there this is a must do trail, called The San Jaun Loop out Ortega Hwy. There is something for everyone from geeks like me to stars like Miles.

Ha, Miles looks funny riding a muni.

nice video and good job guys, I wish I could of come but I had to go out of town. And that wheel looks so big on miles I wonder what a coker would look like.

heh, cokers are fun, especially because I fit on them :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, the muni was nice. it was a bit harder to do trials on though, especially with the stupid long cranks(165’s)


Looks fun terry. Jim I wish i could be there, thats another ride terry that once i leave they cume up from the south. Don’t grow up terry. :smiley:

Hey, I should meet up with you guys sometime. I was kickin up dirt a on the same day just a little south at the Santa Rosa Plateau.

Trials is easier with longer cranks… unless you not used to it I guess.

not for me on a 24. the cranks are so long it makes my legs go way far apart and get hard to control.

You are probably just not used to it. With 165s your feet are less than 2" farther apart than with your 140s on your trials uni.

hmm, I still like 150’s more. oh well.

You got that right! i NEVER WILL!

It’d be great to have ya along for a muni adventure! MAybe this saturday? I’m not sure but I’m looking for something not quite so far for me. 100-200 miles per weekend is just too dang much driving!

i think?

Dang Miles how much do you weigh? No wonder you could get up the side of the rock with your anit-gravity powers.

I like the vid, but the narration could have been improved upon or maybe you should just leave it out next time :slight_smile:

Sure, send me the info when you pick a place. I live down by the 215 / 15 split.

Not really “narration”. Just what we were saying unrehearsed. More like casual commentary. To me, it’s better than just blasting music and no commentary at all. Plus I liked that guy at the end who faked us out with his “essay” “thesis” thing! He made that up on the spot! Plus I like the sounds of the munis on the trail, and all the miscellaneous sounds. But we all have our preferences. Maybe next video we’ll have better stuff to say. :slight_smile: