New Uniplex (Ep. 2) out today

For those of you that hadn’t noticed, the new uniplex is out, and is a highly enjoyable episode. I won’t spoil it by mentioning whats in there, but I LOVED the start, that was very unique.


how do i watch it?? do i need itunes or something??

You could download the file and watch it with Quick Time Player 7.x (integrated in ITunes) or you could watch it as a member of the podcast.
You also could wait cause tomorrow you will find it also on :slight_smile:
We work together with to bring more formats.
So Uniplex will keep on Podcasting and will keep on streaming in .wmv and .mov .
So nearly all people should be possible to view it.

Thanks for posting the thread, moose. I’m glad you like the show.

There’s more info in the blog at on how to view it. Basically, your options are as follows:

-Subscribe to the Podcast using iTunes. Watch it in iTunes or on your video iPod

-Download it directly from and watch it using Quicktime 7 (Click the “Pod” button under the show listing)

-Later this week, you can see segments from the show, but not the whole podcast, on

-Also, later this week, I’m probably going to get it posted up on the Google video site, which offers more flexible viewing options including in-browser, download for your computer, and download for iPod and PSP. I can’t guarantee this, but I’m pretty sure this will be no problem and will be done in a few days.

Thanks for watching…

Just finished watching it, and I must say you did an excellent job.

finally!!! ive been checking everyday since the 14th…i kinda dont want to watch it though because after that its another month till i see another one

Really nice podcast.

You can watch it in VLC mediaplayer too, way better than the free version of Quicktime.


Really great job and loads of interesting information, it’s like a unicycle video magazine. I can’t wait for next months edition.

Keep up the great work, it’s really appreciated.