New Unicycling video.

This is the Unicycling video I just finshed yesterday

Tell me what you think.

Nice video.
Keep up the good work.

Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances I’m in the ice ages with a dial-up connection… so I won’t be able to download and check out your video until later tonight when I can tie up the phone line for a while. But I’ll definitely post again after I check it out. In the meantime… great avatar!!! Unicycling and aviation - what an excellent combination :D! Whose airplane is that?

hmm … dont wanna be rude here but are you sure you are a lvl 6-7 rider ? anyways… the video was pretty good just a bit laggy … but everything was good… I just cannot identyfie your style… street trials or freestyle ?.. anyways good job on the vid sir :slight_smile:

good job taylor! i liked it. you remind a lot of myself man. you just earned cool points.

I like the pink shoe laces…oh and the movie was cool too. The torch juggling was kinda long.

A friend of my dads

yes i’m sure i’ll get back to you when i get some more resent videos.

I new someone would say that almost everyone elce i’ve shone that says so to.


Nice riding.

Were you up in the 'dacks? The last scene looks like Keene Valley or somewhere similar. Also the “ride on water” lake scene - is that Chapel pond?

Good lookin’ stuff.

I didn’t think the torch juggling was too long…but that’s probably because I just skipped over it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I’ve got a house their. The lake was heart lake, near the A.D.K. loge. Riding off the clif was at the flume in wilmington.

Oh and I’ve also ridden down Whiteface. I heard you road up.:slight_smile:
(pm me and lets go for a ride some time.)

I liked the freemount onto the giraffe, I still haven’t got that down. Good video.