New unicycling video, not brilliant not bad.

Ok that was for gild the title…

Ok so i made a vid asi say its not bad but not brilliant. I have been riding 3-4 months and have a stock kh trials. I might add some stuff to it later because i have some more footage that is older.

I am ready for critique and compliments. Max i am ready for you with constructive critisism. Any ideas to improve, better music??

I like milk.


[edit]sorry forgot link [edit]

Well for starters, you could give us the link. That would be a great improvement.


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pretty good…you gotta cut down on the little hops though. … i loved the uniflip at the end…would ahve been better if it was like the one in U2 though. good stuff.

Yea as i said i have done it better and because i havent been unicycling long i dont think i have the balance yet to not do little correction hops.


good job. Yea when you get less pre hops youll be doing good