New unicycles required. UK tenders please.

Further to my old unicycles being stolen (rec.jugging) I need to replace them,
(no insurance ughh) so if you’re a supplier of unicycles in the UK then I’d like
to know the following from you.

Where are you? What are you’re prices? How long will delivery take?

I need two unicyles for unicycle hockey (i.e. tough ones) and one needs to be
adjusted for an inside leg of at least 36inches. I havn’t decided on 24 or 20in
wheels yet. (The old ones were 20")

So tenders please…

P.S. is ROGER in DURHAM out there. Carbon fiber sounds interesting…or even
some reccomendations.

Paul Gibbs. York. 0 M /-|\ ‘/’ / <<

  • _/ O

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