New Unicycler

I’m looking for a unicycle. I hadn’t unicycled in years, and I suddenly got on one and knew how to ride intuitvely. I am 16 years old, 5’10", and 150 pounds, and I think I want a 20 inch freestyle unicycle. Which ones are the best? What kind of seat should I get? My price range is anywhere between 100-200. The help would be very appreciated. Thank you.

If you’re new, you should find out what kind of unicycling you’ll be doing in the long run before buying an expensive one.
Decide if you’re going to do trials, MUni, or freestyle most. Then buy a unicycle based on your decision.

Do you already have a unicycle? Are you looking for your first?

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Don’t try to convert people to trials right away, Harr… James.:slight_smile:

Where do you live? Goto and choose the best alternative on the list of four countries, then go under the freestyle uni section. If you live in Canada Darren Bedford can help you out. In Germany is a nice place, but they mainly have trials and MUni stuff.

I think you should get into street riding! awesome new style. click there to find out what its all about! if youre gonna do street… get some sort of trials unicycle. like joona said. if in canada, darren bedford can help you out but if anywhere else, probably is the best.

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Well, if it comes to converting him away from freeestyle I’ll have to recommend MUni. Get a 24" or bigger wheel with a beefy 3" wide tire. I just love riding in forest along narrow trails. It’s a bit more of control over the uni and fast turns than high jumps like in trials.

Or if you’re full of yourself you could get a giraffe so you can look down on everyone.

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You can’t go wrong with a Nimbus, also known as a Yuni. The later models have a flat fork crown which looks good and makes some skills easier. My Nimbus 2 has been used for performances, for general riding, and has been lent out a few times as a ‘taster’ for people who wnat to try the sport.

Later, you might want a fatter tyre, different cranks, different pedals, a better seat, etc. etc. I’m a big believer in buying a good but basic model, learning what suits you, adapting it, then choosing a really suitable one later.

20 inch wheel is good for small spaces, tricks and stuff; 24 is better for longer distances.

I did 20 miles in a day on my 20, once, so it’s not just a toy. :0)

Holy shit! I watched those videos and that was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to do. I love doing crazy stunts and tricks like that. What kind of trials unicycle would people recommend? Most of the trials unis seem to be real expensive. I don’t want to end up paying alot of cash for a bad uni. What do people suggest as far as a good unicycle for that kind of thing or a good trials unicycle in general?

hello. i ride a summit but they just went out of stock. i gues some are up on ebay. you could bid on one of those. if not, then i hear the onzas are really good. and you cuold try ordering a bedford trials unicycle. my friend just got one and he loves it. so those would be my 3 preferences. faily expensive, but you need to pay for the strength. good luck, Kevin

What do you all think of this uni?

Yuni 20-inch Trials Cycle with Suzue hub and Kris Holm Saddle

It’s more expensive than what I was originally anticipating, but it looks like it fulfills all of my specifications. It looks like a real nice uni, what are everyone’s thoughts?

definitely a good unicycle. and if you need to upgrade the hub and cranks later, it shouldnt be too hard.


Actually… If i were you i would spend the little extra more money and get an Onza. If i’m right, that pic there is not a current one. i think the new one comes with a KH style saddle. PLus it has a splined hub. And if you break a splined hub, i’m sure there are some people here who would give you money.

Another option would be to buy a
KH trials wheelset and build up from there. Probably a Yuni Frame, And KH saddle, shoudn’t bee too much more then the Regular Yuni that you linked. Plus this way you get a wayyyy better hub.

Either way, i suggest you just spend the extra money and get a unicycle that will last awhile.

Get the Nimbus 2 version, it’s basically the same thing, under a different name, with a knockoff of the KH seat.
Nimbus 2 trials uni Then, if it breaks, you still have $140 to blow on a stronger hub/crankset like the KH. I myself would get an Onza (As a matter of fact, I did, and I’m quite happy), but those are really expensive. Too bad the summits are gone. BTW, Death, check your personal messages. They’re under user CP in the forums just in case you can’t find it.

Hey. I have that yuni that you were looking at and its great uni, its strong and reliable . But that onza looks like its a good uni for the price.