New unicycler, need help

Hey all. I just got my unicycle a couple of days ago, I’ve been practicing anywhere from half an hour a day to 2 hours a day, every day since Thursday. I can roll forward, idle a bit, but I still have trouble stopping and I still have trouble with my left/right balance. I figure the latter is something that’s going to come to me eventually, as is everything else with practice. So my first question is are there any exercises or things I should focus on to improve, or should I just keep doing what I’m doing (getting on, rolling forward and trying to fix what I did wrong in the previous run. Rinse and repeat)?

My second and more serious question. When I practice a lot, like I did today, my groin hurts something fierce. I’m not sure if it’s the way I’m sitting or my saddle or something else entirely. I have an Axiom saddle, sorta hourglass shaped with a good 1-2 inch difference in dip from middle to ends. When I ride I make a conscious effort to put most of my weight on the saddle, but I inevitably end up putting about half on the pedals. I’m getting better at this though. I figure it’s the way I mount and seat myself, but any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Practice. The only way to get good at anything is to do it. It took me a full week of 5 hours + day to be able to ride forever, on grass, mild hills, and freemount. Just keep at it!

Regarding the seat: that seat sucks, it is not due to lack of technique. I’d suggest buying some spandex padded cycling shorts for leg rash, and a new seat. Depending what you want to do with your unicycle later on, I would suggest a kris holm (KH) freeride or street seat, purchasable @ (UDC)

That may be the most concise, perfectly stated answer I’ve ever read on the forums. I’m going to have post more here. No fear of flaming, finally :D.

In any case, thanks for quick response. I’ll get on that.

EDIT: Do you recommend any seats? I’m looking around and I honestly don’t know what to get.

If you are a rider that leans towards riding long distance and less towards street and trials, the KH freeride seat is the way to go. Of course, it won’t beat a custom molded/cut foam seat, (sculpted to the genitals), it is still a very comfy seat. Stay away from all crescent shaped seats.

The KH street seat is low profile. While still being comfortable, it is meant more towards trials and street. I would personally get this one, because while it is still agreeable for long distance, it is a wicked seat for trials/street.

Both seats are available @ toronto,

Ignore the out of date price list and email him directly. Darren will answer quickly and answer all your questions.

cycling shorts (no underwear) + Chamois Butter (at your LBS)

Nimbus Gel - not the most comfortable, but good, realatively easy to hold onto for SIF

KH Street - never tried it, but I imagine it’d be even easier to hold onto. I’ve heard it’s not as comfortable for long rides.

KH Fusion Freeride - THE most comfortable seat I’ve tried (all but KH Street and Wallis). Kind of hard to hold onto while SIF.

2005 KH Freeride style - Not too bad, slightly less comfortable than the Nimbus. Very hard to hold onto SIF.

All available from UDC

Edit: I’ve heard the Koxx saddle is essentially the same as the Nimbus, asside from the cover.

Thank you kindly. I’ll keep at her :smiley:

And here in Ottawa you may want to check out the Nanaimo Park Jugglers. They do uni and juggle. And there is a unicycle club in Constance Bay.

Hey, cool. Constance bay is a bit of a ways away though. I got my uni at Rebec and Kroes. Hopefully I see you around one day :smiley:

Val88, yup, maybe we will run into each other… and since we’re both beginners, we may really run into each other! Too bad you didn’t go to the Toronto club’s anniversary this past weekend.
When the snow goes, I plan on riding along the canal, the bike paths along the Ottawa River and in the Market. Then into the Gatineau hills for some Muni!!! Yihaaa!

I’ll meet you there :smiley:

Val88. In regards to seats. if you are female then you might want to check out this post

No sir, I’m all man. Val is the first three letters of my last name. Thanks for the input though, my girlfriend should find it handy.

Ok. Just making sure, as Danni was talking about “(sculpted to the genitals)” and we wouldn’t want to be talking about the wrong parts.

Not a problem. I went and ordered the recommended seat. It’s on its way now :smiley: