new unicycle

i have been riding a 20in sun unicycle for years and a 07 torker 24in muni for a couple of years. i am looking at getting a new unicycle i am 6foot 2in 185lbs and size 13 shoe. i ride around the streets off road and drops in snow water sand and i climb up hill ALOT ect i am on a tight budgit so if you have any upgrade ideas for eater or new unicycle please tell






i need ideas

Nimbus is good and you will not break it, especially if you have KH cranks on it :slight_smile:
Ive also heard good things about the torker DX, but they dont sell them here so i havent tried one :slight_smile:
Sizewise if you like offroad which isnt too technical get a 26" wheel, 24" for more technical muni, 29" for XC/light muni, 36" for road riding :slight_smile:

i already got a dx thats what im riding

then is there any need to upgrade? :slight_smile:
KH is probably the “ultimate upgrade” but if your DX isnt broken you dont need anything more :slight_smile:

it is heavy and i may look at a 26 0r 29

I ride a Torker DX. Weight doesn’t really matter to my though. If you already have a 24", I’d get the 29er before a 26". It’s not going to change much from 24 to 26 but from 24 to 29 I’m sure you’re going to see a big difference.

what is a good cheap one

cheap is not the right way to go in the end you won’t be satisfied just get a good uni. Don’t ask people what a good uni is; go to and pick out what you would like for a far price. Do that and then ask what other people like and then you will know what you want. :wink:

thanks you all

If you’re really on a budget, but want something strong like your Torker, but light like a Kris Holm, why not get a 2007 KH24 frame from Bedford for $125. You would need a new seatpost and maybe shims to fit the bearings to the frame, but other than that you should be able to move the parts from your Torker to the KH.

You may want to check the spacing on the bearings on your Torker, but I think they are the same 100mm spacing, but with 40mm bearings. I made some shims out of some 1 mm sheet metal that work as well as the ones you can get for $8.

If you call Darren, ask him if the shimmed Torker wheel will work in the KH. He probably knows.

At a later date you could upgrade your wheelset, or even just your rim. If you’re happy with 150mm cranks you don’t really need to change your hub/cranks. The DX has a 48 hole hub which will build to a 32 hole rim very easily. That gives you a world of rim options that aren’t generally available in 36 hole.

Yes the Torker wheel fits in the KH frame. My friend rides this setup for Muni-ing. Although you need the bearing shims and spacers for the cranks because they will rub on the frame if you dont have any. I bought my spacers in a BMX shop, I had one of mine and they found some of the same size for me.

You need to use the search feature. There have been 100s of people looking for new unicycles on this forum… there’s at least a dozen recent threads that would give you ideas… you just have to look for them.