New Unicycle

i got this and i dont have a clue what your going about
you wan to switch the two with the long arrows
and make the one that is behind go infront and back round.

I work at my LBS and the guys I work with are total idiots about unicyclists. They hate unicycles and would never even think of giving me special treatment.


Is there a good online guide to DIY paint jobs? I don’t know what all there is to painting (like sanding, priming, etc…). Any good guides available?

Here’s something that may or may not help.
This is a 36 spoke wheelset I put together the other week with a three cross lacing, and I colorized to spokes so you can see the pattern a little better.

I laced every other hole coming from the outside of the hub, going into every fourth hole on the rim. These are the red spokes in the image. Then I went back and laced the remaining spokes from the inside of the hub (the green one in the image), going over the first two spokes to its left, and under the third, leaving one spoke hole between it and the third “red” spoke on the rim. If I recall correctly, I did all of the “red” spokes first, on both sides of the hub, then going back to do the “green” ones (the over-over-unders). I don’t know if this is the recommended way to do it, but it has always worked for me.

I don’t know if any of that made sense or not… I know exactly what I’m trying to say, it’s making sure that it’s clear that can be the problem. :stuck_out_tongue:
I forget which issue, but one of the recent Uni mags had a pretty solid wheel building article in it.

hey everyone!
thanks for all of the tips. I used every single one of them to figure out what i did wrong. I ended up starting from the very beginning. The wheel looks right this time… lol

now all i have to do it take it to the shop to get it trued and tensioned and it will be ready to ride.

yeah i meant to have a lot of green. i wanted it to be different.

and yeah i wanted a KH frame but not all of us have 200 bucks laying around:(

One of the best looking unicycles i’ve ever seen! LOVE the spokes!
that shade of Green works well. What type of paint do you use?

i got it powder coated along with the cranks. the people down there did a really good job. I’m pleased. and the even took the time to sand down my cranks so they would have a smooth finish

Awesome looking uni. Too bad about the spokes.

i fixed them :slight_smile:

Did it mess with your color pattern?

Mine built about 5 wheels of various sizes for me for half price. Including custom cut spokes. For one wheel they had to cut about 8 different sizes too because the wheel was bent.

Now they are charging me full price, but they still do an awesome job, and whenever they finish it, they always have me inspect it, then make sure everything is good, make me stress test it for a couple days then retrue it if there are any problems.

The last wheel they built even used double butted spokes.

Here is the best tutorial for painting a bike/unicycle I have ever seen. Although for a unicycle I would make sure to add more clearcoat than they do, and skip the stripping but make sure to keep it super clean.

It will be the same pattern (green black green black) because all the spokes from one flange are all spaced one hole apart in most cases. There are never 2 spokes from the same flange next to each other unless you doing a really weird uncommon pattern.

I wanna see video of this uni in action!