New Unicycle

I am very pleased with this unicycle :slight_smile:

it has a nimbus frame, nimbus hub, onza tensile cranks, try-all tire, KH seat, Nimbus ALU seat post. and a custom paint job.

it is very green, as you can see.

oh yeah and i laced the wheel by myself. Im taking it to a bike shop tommarrow to get the spokes tensioned cause i dont trust myself yet.
-Riley Crosby

Hell yes!
That is SEXY!
Makes me wanna give my uni a paint job!
What sort of paint did you use? Car spec?

that does look very sexy. Why are 1/2 the spokes black?

powder coat.

and i only did 1/2 spokes cause i thought it would look cool.

i helped build this today! :slight_smile: looks freaking legit all put together.

You’ve totally got me saying that!

Sexy uni you’ve got there. I noticed you have a KH Street Fusion.
Could you tell me; does my seat look normal. Most Street seats I see have low profiles, this one seems big. By low profile I mean thin.

Sorry for the threadjack

Sweet, ima ring around here and see how much it’ll cost to do mine :smiley:

nice uni man,

i dont know if this is just me but some of the nipples look like there inside the rim…

He said it isn’t tentioned at all. Probably just laced it.

That’s great, now all you need is a kh longneck frame.


Do not ride on that wheel. Your spokes are not properly configured. You need to relace it with a 3 cross pattern. Your spokes are only in 2 cross right now, which is why they appear to be too long. Once you have it in 3 cross you will see the difference.

I used this guide:

Totally sweet paint job though, that’s gonna look rad in all your new uni vids :wink:

Thats the guide we used. it is crossing 3 spokes… or i hope it is. or else i was helping him wrong then lol

While only regarding the spokes on one side of the hub (the spokes coming out of one flange), trace one with your finger from hub to rim. The spoke will go over 2 spokes and then under the third one. Copy another unicycle with 3 cross if you can.

Yeah in the picture it is definitely a 2 cross.
The spokes are so loose right now you can’t tighten them enough to ride it without the spokes feeling like spaghetti.

My mom made some delicious spaghetti tonight. Oh man I’m going back for seconds.

I’d re-lace it before you go to your bike shop cause you don’t wanna shell out extra money for that if you’re gonna already pay to get it trued.

My LBS trues mine for free. Unicyclists get special treatment. Woot!

Wow… that’s so rad. My friend was saying they charge you even more because its a “specialty” rim and not common. Fortunately he works at one and did mine too. Thank you Dennis :smiley:

Alright so to fix the wheel you will have to move all the spokes, but you don’t have to take it all apart at once. If you switch all the pairs of spokes that are almost parallel then it will come out right. You also have to fix the way they cross, if the spoke is coming out of the outside of the flange then it should go over the first 2 spokes and under the last one, it should make more sense when you play with it.

I had to do almost the same thing to my last wheel because my spokes were too long so I had to change it from a 3 to 4 cross.

Here’s a picture because what I said is probably confusing.

Wow you’re so clever Spencer.

You just blew my mind like hydrogen on Phils unicycle.

Cool unicycle. I think the green everywhere is a bit much. You should get a KH frame, and strip it, that would really make it look wicked.

That’s too bad you’ll have to rebuild that wheel…


thats kind

that mint i love green uni’s im getting this : for christmas

but i have to say i love yours