New! Unicycle T-Shirts - "Bike"

Here’s my newest design. As before, you pick the shirt color, ink color, and size. I have ink in black, red, and yellow. Each shirt is $15 plus shipping. I can ship internationally. Shipping in the US is around $6 usually and International shipping is $11. PM me with your preferences and mailing address, or any questions you have about the shirts.



My other design is still available:

I Love It:d

my god. probably the best unicycle shirt of all time

you should put out a shirt with that unicycle symbol all over it in all different kinds of positions and colors. like a black shirt with all kinds of different colored ones on it. I suppose you would need to get more ink colors though.

I realy like that, I may have to buy one. Thanks for the opertunity.

simply not true.

how so?

Im gona have to get some of these as i have no unicycle clothing :frowning: . Do you do the designs on like… vest styled tee shirts? with no sleeves?

I shit you not, like…less than 5 minutes ago I just mentioned the same idea to my girlfriend.

I can. I saw some sleeveless shirts at Wal*Mart, not sure how much they are. Should I get one for you? I’m not positive what colors they have.

Thats really good. What are your prices again?

$15 plus shipping.

It’s pretty good I guess. I don’t like the “f***ing” part. At least it isn’t corny like a lot of those type shirts are. :stuck_out_tongue:

And at least you used a real unicycle on the back instead of a cheap-o learner uni.

But I think the shirts we need are extreme riding pictures/action shots with minimal text.

What, you didn’t like what you read the first time?

It’s pretty good I guess. I don’t like the “f***ing” part. At least it isn’t corny like a lot of those type shirts are. :stuck_out_tongue:

ya i ride with in front many people who would not approve of this
i love the shirt but could make a alter net back so it just said “it’s not a bike”

i like the shirts alot, u need to have like an album of all your shirts and stuff with the prices…

Well, the original design was “It’s not a fucking bike!”, but I didn’t want the kid that freaked out about the Koxx-One Devil Girl sticker to shit himself when he saw it.

I have no photoshop skills, what you see was designed in AutoCad. I drew the uni from scratch and then filled it in. Action shots are not something I could do easy, I want to though…I may try some in the future.

I could do it for ya Mike. Give me a pic, and you’ll have a silhouette.

Sweet. We gotta take some good stills then.

Until you said this I didn’t realize he posted the prices. :thinking: :BrainFart: