New unicycle shop in East London

Despite the fact that I don’t need any more unicycles, I can’t help getting excited about this! There’s going to be a shop selling unicycles (and juggling gear, kites, stilts etc) opening up just around the corner from where I stay when I’m here.

Not many details on the web site yet, but in the window they’ve got a Qu-Ax freestyle uni, and a note saying they open on 31st January.

Other than the fact that I go past the shop every day, I’ve got no affiliation with them, so I hope you don’t think this is spam. I’m just pleased to see that there’s a unicycle outlet popping up in East London.


1) Cool beans. Would they sell devil sticks too also. :smiley:
2) DAMN!!! That should be good news for you because it will be nearby and you could get parts easily too.
3) Don’t worry, i would’ve done the same if one was opening near my area. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I’m pretty sure they do. I don’t think I need a 4th one though.
  2. I’ll have to check what their stock of Schlumpf gold buttons are like!


Your not wrong there!

Well you can guess by the colour sceem that the desighner is either fe or male.

Or something in between.

Excellent. Even though I’m in West London, it’s not even too much of a mission since I’m on the Central Line. I’ll definitely be going to have a look.

Well, today was the grand opening, and seeing how I managed to blag the day off work, I thought it only right that I should pop in and say Hi.

Ewan is the guy running the shop, and he seems like a great bloke. Considering it was only day 1, it seems really well set up and organised.

As far as unicycles are concerned, he only had 2 Qu-Ax ones in, but there’s a whole bunch of extra ones in all shapes sizes and colours due in soon. His supplier only deals in Qu-Ax and KH, so if you’re after one of those, it’s worth looking in. There’s no spares yet, but I’m sure he can order pretty much anything from either of those two sources.

For other stuff there’s lots of juggling gear, surf bikes, skate boards, and, plenty of Ewans main passion; kites.

He’s holding off on the website for a couple of months, so that it’ll give the shop time to settle down, and he can tailor the site to how the shop runs.

I hope this doesn’t sound like spam. I’ve got no affiliation with the place, but really wish them all the best.