new unicycle game on addicting
hopefully the link works

thats gotta be the worst game i have ever played, like really

theres another unicycling game called unicycle rider, its boring but it is addictive

heres the link

the record is 49 seconds, have fun.

Haha, I read your post and thought you were just being negative but I tried the game and it is pretty terrible. I don’t know what is going on.


i laughed out loud upon reading that^. because its exactly what i thought.

I couldn’t get past that strange purple line on the skinny :S

Edit: Lol. I suck so bad, i got it now, but lvl.2 is impossible. :smiley:

really baaad games i think.

I think that both of the games are LAME but at least it is something for people to giggle at

So when is Kris Holm pro unicycling coming out anyone thinking of making it lol i used to think if it came out it would be kris holm but maybe not any more possible dan heaton or Shaun Johaneson pro unicycling, that would be soo cool, i wana be a secret character that you can only find when you travel over for BUC! wow i really should be revising instead of taking the time to write this almost pointless post lol