NEW Unicore video: The Melee

Here’s my new vid. I’ve put alot of work into it. Hope you like it…comments greatly appreciated. :smiley:

edit::somethings up with the sound for me…anyone else not hearing it??

i’ll try to reupload it.

Link does not work…I want to see

Okay sorry everyone…the sound works now

and here it is!

alternate link:

good music, variety of shots, nice skills
Since you asked for feedback…
at 1 min 15s on the stairs, its too dark; use a brighten effect
nice job on the 360 unispins
at 3 min 07s the backs fall from the bridge looks cool

I’d say the main thing to improve is the filming. Get more in there with active camera movements and photogenic backdrops.
unicycling, and making unicycle videos, definitely take a lot of time. its not work, if youre having fun.

wow, great video.

realy nice video :slight_smile:

Nice vid, realy liked the start with the “unicore” uh with the sets at the start you should have tried to hit them with a bit more speed and carried that speed to the next I think it would have looked a bit nicer and more flowy, good job though.

Great video! I really enjoyed watching it. The filming and the music fit very well together.

That was great! Awesome riding! Great Qualitly! Supreme editing!

good job on the 360 unispin!

Keep it up!


wow…that was quite impressive! i loved it, everything flowed really well!

Yeah…overall I was pleased with my filming. But sometimes it’s tough depending on who you’re riding with.

Haha. Thanks, you have no idea how excited I got when I put that together, so I’m glad somebody liked it.

Thank you. That’s always my biggest concern when making movies.

There is about about a solid half hour or so of footage of me not landing them, but the more I tried, the better I got at them. My goal was to have one with no blanace hops…like at the beginnning of the video.

Thanks to everyone for your comments so far…I’m glad you liked it.:smiley: Keep posting more feedback! :slight_smile:

Also, just wanted to see if anybody caught this. At 1:20 I jump a 5 set over myself. It’s really hard to tell, but now you know.