New Uni

I have a 1980 24" Shcwinn Uni,it was good to learn on,and to just ride around but i am wanting a uni for hopping and stuff like that, do you think a ‘sun flat top’($90 at LBS) would be a good one to start with?


If you plan on hopping you might be better off with somthing that uses a splined hub. The lower cost unicyles (under aprox $250.00) tend to die fairly quickly when treated roughly.

A great quote I heard recently…

“It is better to spend more than you had planned than less than you should.”

If you buy that uni I can pretty much guarantee that your wanting for something better will continue. :wink:

Just buy the best one you can afford because it will still be around long after you have forgotten what you spent on it.

i am now looking in to a KH,or trying to find something like an KH

i am want to have ISIS,and at lest a 2.5 wide tire.any help??

Get a Nimbus. If your budget is a little bigger, get a Koxx-one and if it’s a lot bigger, get a Kris Holm.

Check out the Nimbus line of Uni’s. As well you mentioned a KH. You won’t go wrong with either of those.

Nimbus’s are great dude! Mine’s treated me well and will continue to until i upgrade the parts :wink:
As are koxx and KH, but nimbus is the cheapest, an you can always upgrade the parts!
depending on the model of the koxx hub you might have difficulty with cranks if you go for a koxx, if you get a kris holm there’s not much need to upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:
I can highly reccommend the Nimbus with Kris Holm moment cranks, strong, not too heavy, but not light, absolutely great uni :slight_smile:

amloo to a Koxx-one and a nimbus

ok thanks, what kinda of nimbus do you have?

Nimbus “phantom” trials unicycle :slight_smile:
with the Kris Holm cranks in 137mm
Anything from this page is great, except the first two, they’re special titanium ones :slight_smile:

the only differences are aesthetic between all the nimbus’s (colours)
Definitely try and get the KH cranks though, otherwise you might end up bending/breaking them somehow, with the moments you wont have that problem. :smiley:

I bought one of the the Sun’s, actually that exact one this spring, it’s cute and really fun to ride, but I hopped on it and since then the cranks make a noise sometimes. I am only about 100lbs and can’t hop very well or high, so I don’t know if you would be happy with the end result of the unicycle.

Get a Nimbus with KH Moment cranks. It’s really cheap but really strong! It’ll last you long that’s for sure, and it’ll keep your wallet not empty (Actually, it wouldn’t in my case:p).

your old schwinn is arguably much stronger than the sun.

+1 for nimbus, I have 2, they’re dang strong

yeah, plus 5 for nimbus, i have 5 and theyre dang strong.

I’ll add my recommendation for the Nimbus with KH cranks. You won’t be disappointed. They are strong and you have good colour options too.


Cool pic of the old schwinn…Still got mine, from the 70’s. Restored now, But I want a 26 now for cruising, I’ve had this thing for…what…30 years or so? Looks like new now.
Sorry, pics of mine are at “my photo album” but not here. I think I need a 26".
Anyone want a restored retro/nuevo Schwinn?

Please stop bumping threads, the one you made in the Trading Post would’ve been just fine. And not to be a dick, but I doubt anyone would want an old Schwinn unicycle from the 70s, unless you’d sell it for about $40. No one really collects unicycles.

Edit: Your unicycle might be worth the cranks alone of that Nimbus 24" Freestyle you wanted to trade for.

Nimbus with kh cranks is stronger than a kh.

I can’t really think of too many broken nimbus frames. Kh is not super common, but it is alu, and they do break.

Kh has a drilled rim, self-explanatory.

Kh has an alu post, pretty sure nimbus is steal.

So yeah. Nimbus is stronger.