new uni?

recently i realized that my old uni is just weighing me down. while doing a 180 down a 4 set, the pedal ripped right out of the crank, and its just a rutal beginner uni. so, I was thinking of getting a 20" trials. I don’t have alot of money, but I could possibly afford a Nimbus 20" Trials ISIS Signature Destroyer. I want a KH, but that is wayyyyy out of my league. so, is it worth it more the Nimbus, qwill it withstand some simple trials, heavy street, and a bit of everything else?

According to lots of people the Nimbus Unis are great. You could also upgrade the cranks to KH moments, they are indestructible.

thanks, I might be able to dish out 70 bucks for the moments. how are they for weight?

The nimbus is worth it, and moments, judging by the vast amount of people using them for well… everything, are deffinatly worth it too. Its a good set up, go for it!

The moments are heavy, but SOO worth it : ]

I will be switching out the moments on my 36er to run on the muni soon to come. And probably putting 114s on the 36er B-) full speedz ahead! :smiley:

Sorry . . . that didn’t even pertain to the thread ^_^’ guess I’m a little excited. Unfortunately the orange nimbus munis aren’t back in stock until the end of the month : (