New Uni Confusion

Ive decided to get this Nimbus Trails Unicycle but i am confused about the options. First, the seatpost comes in 200, 300, and 400 mm lengths. What would work best for doing trials for a 5’10" person? Second what is with all the saddle options? What saddle would you recommend? And is the frame preference just a color option? Thanks for the help.

cool someone from Iowa, the color you choose and I would pick the 300mm seat post if I were you or the 400mm then cut it down. I would just go with the basic saddle it comes with, later if its not good enough you can convert it to an air seat and it will be more comfortable

Get the longest one; you can always use a simple pipe cutter to get the size you want, but if you buy one too short your in trouble!

I’d get the yellow fusion saddle, and the longest seatpost.

Yeah…Fusion saddle and the 400mm seat post.

pshhhh! fusion saddles are for sissies! it would be awesome if i could get a red perm. cover kh seat! is there a place that still has got them?

If you’re into SIF riding, the KH-style gel saddles are amazing to hold. They’re low profile, easy to get out, almost a pleasure to hold.

it doesn’t come with a gel seat though.