New triton frames

As some of you may know a new batch of triton frames has been made. While i understand they have been delivered to jogi at ridetriton, the website looks untouched and i don’t know if it is still active.

Does anyone know if the site is still active or who i should get in touch with to get more information on the changes or to buy a frame.

Well, maybe you can send Jogi a pm?

YAY!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!! Pretty sure my tax refund is going toward a trials frame.

go big- you really want a 36… speed ???


Dmitri was learning uni with Jogi this week in Germany …

It’s too big!! I’m scared of breaking a bone and then being out of work for months! Plus I live near a perfect natural trials environment. :slight_smile:

Thanks, i guess it will probably be a couple of weeks before anything is available. I wasn’t sure whether they were being sold elsewhere and if I was going to ‘miss the boat’ on them if I do decide to buy.

36ers feels perfectly safe until you try muni or short cranks. A lot safer feeling than riding trials, at least in my opinion.

Good point, the 36r is so much more stable than smaller wheels and I sometimes have to remind myself that I’m not riding a bike and pay more attention. A totally different riding experience.

Any news yet on when these will be available to U.S. customers? I tried emailing Jogi but no response. Does anyone know if they’ll be shipped from Europe or the U.S. when they are available?


Not to hijack the thread…but…

The 36 is defintely more stable than you’d think. I don’t often UPD. In fact, I UPDd more often on my 29 on the road than the 36.

But it still feels a bit scary to me at times. The problem is you get going pretty fast and everything’s fine, but once in a while you are not paying attention and you hit a dip or a bump and go flying off. It feels considerably higher than a 29, and I’ve taken a few nasty falls.

I always wear hand protection and a helmet, and on longer rides I like to wear knee protection.

I am sometimes tempted to think about a geared hub, but hate to think of going much faster than I already go.

shipping to Australia?

would it be worth looking into these if you wanted to get it shipped to Australia or would the shipping cost blow the price out of the park? :thinking:

Given that a new triton is already blown out of the park I don’t think the shipping would add that much…

Here’s hoping…

Here’s hoping that a good number of these superbly engineered, beautifully crafted, Triton frames made/make it out of Russia before the international sanctions make them unavailable to the rest of the World… :frowning:

the new trial frame :smiley:

Well god damn it. I just bought a second hand triton sponge(well it never has been used so it’s like new)

How long is then neck of this one, it looks a little bit longer than the original Triton Sponge?

Also is the weight 575 or 382g?

Also, is there anything differing from the old Triton Sponge design on this one?

or 399g? There are three different information on the same page

this one is 382g but there might be some difference so it should be below 400g…thats why i said 399g;)

How long is then neck of this one, it looks a little bit longer than the original Triton Sponge?


trials are back again

a new batch of trials is done :smiley:
since i can not remember all old orders :o
please mail me again…

cheers jogi