New trick

Have u learned any trick? post it here and if u got it on film u can post it:D

Hi made a small video of me today! here it is:

Good work.

how old are you kevin?

what frame is that its massive?

im the same age as u (12 year old) but im not good as u in street, or i dont know, i havent seen u in street.

And its a Monty frame, it sucks! but i can show picture off the unicycle but i got silver

Wow that is the only other monty uni I have ever seen. I used to have that uni. How much did you pay for it and how big is the biggest drop you have done on it? I had one like that for a few months. Within 10 minutes I broke the hub dropping off a wall that was about 2ft high. I replaced it with the UDC cromo square taper hub but broke it soon after so I replaced the hub again, sold it and bought a KH.

I bought it for 2700 it sucks right? but im gonna buy a new one soon:)

But i droped like 10 pallets many times! and it didt broke, it must be the quality on youre

what do you mean 2700 like 27.00 or what ? :thinking:

2700 kr i don`t know how much it is in dollars or what, but i know 1 dollar is worth like 7 or 8 kr

ok so that makes it $337.50 or £168.75 :astonished:

Yeah, around that. But thats not much. How much does a kh cost in $ or euros?

Here in Norway it cost 3900 kr thats like 557 $ and like 390 euros

That’s pretty dam expensive for cotterles. A Nimbus ISIS goes for like, $255 US.

That’s not as bad. About $50 over retail.

i ment in GBP not euros :slight_smile:

for around 30GBP more you could have got a nimbus isis 19" :stuck_out_tongue:

How much is 1 gmp in krones?