new trick?

hey I was wandering if this is a new trick I’ve never seen anyone do it before. I start seat on side and go to seat in front.

That looks really cool. I haven’t seen it done before either. Xav and other people do it the opposite way.

i can do it that way to but i thought why not reverse it.

I like it your way better because you land with the uni normal, instead of seat on side or whatever. You should do a half of a wrap so the seat is behind you/ on your side and do that new thing out of it.

That’s cool Gordy! Very smooth!

easy i can do that trick! (errr well in my dreams when i’m a pro unicyclist anyway…:frowning: )

That is a cool trick. I like your creativity in mixing it up a little:)

I simply must learn that trick! what are you going to name it?

Well it is a variation of the trick Dan Heaton does in Defect, and Xavier Collos did it first maybe?

What is it already called?

I’ve seen a couple different variations on it…

well i dont know what to call it. and I dont know if anyones done it. any ideas on a name?


hah that was really cool

that was awsome, i think it is a new trick ive never seen it. :sunglasses:

NICE!! i am going to learn this…

I can’t see the video in the gallery, but I could see it from Matt’s download link…all I see in the gallery is a Window’s Media Player loading screen, that stays there forever…I have this problem on a lot of other sites too. Does anyone know something I could download to fix that?

Great trick btw

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