New trick landed for me...Crankflip.

Yes thats right, today i just landed a crankflip. I am so pumped. I got it on vid and will have to load it into the gallery soon.

So how many people can actually do one? I know theres alot but anyone got any guesses?


P.S. It took me about 30 minutes.

Nice, can you do a full crankflip or does it only go around half way? From my experience half crankflips are extremely easy and full ones are really hard. I have only done a full one on a 16" uni but i didnt land it:(

It was a full crankflip.

It wasn’t that hard. I didn’t even think bout trying it and then i practiced for like 30 minutes and landed it…

Doesn’t a crankflip HAVE TO go a full revolution or other wise its not called a crankflip?

O well who cares…Im just pumped.

That is awesome

I’m sure more have landed it, but this is my list
me (Mike Clark)
Brian Lundgren
Shaun Johanneson
Nik Caffroy
Sabin Arditty
Dan Heaton
Xavir Collos
Jusitn Kohse
Keaton Miller

Thats really cool, do you have any tips to get it to spin all the way? It seems like no matter how hard i try to push it i can only get it around half way.
Oh and Andreas Hornman can crankflip too.

Simon Jatko, Alex Toms.

Dude that’s sick man, congrats on the flip. Keep us updated on the moves or how you bust it. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

what is a crankflip?

Its where you are riding, jump up, take you feet off the pedals, the wheel rotates a full revolution, and you land with your feet back on the pedals.

^ What is it called when you jump up and pedal one full revolution while in the air?

I thought that was a crankflip. Oh well, something new/harder to practice now.

If your talking about keeping you feet on the pedals and like pedaling in the air, thats called a revolution, full revolution, or a rotator.

No, that’s called a rotator.

Grateful Dead are like the best.

The guy who invented it calls it a rev (short for revolution).

variations that have been landed are:

half rev, half pedal
back rev, pedaling backwards
rev.5, pedal and a half
180 rev, 180 how twist while pedaling
180 back rev, 180 hoptwist while pedaling backwards

I’ve seen Nik Caffroy do most of these down 5 sets.

I don’t think anyone has done a 360 rev yet.

I can do a half rev 180 lol.

Mike, check your pm’s.

Vid now in gallery.

I now how my video in the gallery. Its of my very first crankflip. YAY.

Page 10 at the bottom. Juggle508 crankflip.


Any tips on getng the cranks around?

I’ve done a 360 back rev. once. I’m working on getting it on film.

Still can’t cranckflip though but it might just be a question of pedals?? I don’t know… it just doesn’t work out for me.

Hey Murde, If i give you a tip on revs can i have my soul back?

dude, I do not need your tips on revs. I own those like I own your soul.

Pft fine, How are hte teeth looking?