New Trials Uni

I’m planning on getting a trials uni, but I don’t know which one. My friend got a Summit, and I like it except that it’s very heavy. A lot of the ones on say stuff like you can only drop from 12 inches maximum, if you weigh 150 lb maximum. And I’m planning on going off drops from 1-3 1/2 feet. And I weight about 110-120 lb.
I was also interested in the Kris Holm 20". Does anyone have suggestions?

I like the Onza. The cranks are more ankle friendly than the Summit and KH (Taiwanese). I have not actually ridden an Onza, but I did take a look at the early ones at UNICON last year. I hope to be able to ride one at the convention this year. If I didn’t already have a KH Pro trials uni I’d get an Onza. The price of the Onza with an upgrade to the KH saddle makes it just about the same price as the KH trials (Taiwanese).

the Onza has its issues too though,the crown isnt as good for standing on,the bearing holders are lame-o and its got the dreaded 22.2 seat tube.

i read on the German forum that the new Onza hubs will have 2 key-ways instead of the 1 that they have now,thats nice.

BTW the Summit is only 4 ounces heavier than the KH.doing trials on a 24x3 is heavy.

True. The Onza frame is not as good as the KH. I really like having machined bearing holders. I wonder if the KH frame would fit on the Onza hub? I don’t know the bearing spacing on the Onza or the bearing size. It would be interesting if the frame upgrade was indeed an option.

Is the Onza strong? I might get that one.

Potter where do you live? if you live in the UK the onza’s are increadible value- £200 with a KH seat! everyone i know whos into trials has an Onza in the UK. i’ve just made up a trials uni with KH hub/cranks moty rim and onza tyre and its great. the nubbin on the KH cranks doesn’t pose too much of a threat, i’ve only bashed it a few times. i like the KH hub/cranks becasue their straight the onza ones stick out like profiles but i guess its just personal preference.

anyway enough about me, what uni should you get? i think the onza is definetely the right choice its good value and its very strong, easily take 3 1/2 foot drops, and the frame is cromo so theres no cahnce of breaking that! i do like KH trials though it is alot cooler than the onza and it has a nice sloped crown for freestyle. if you can fork out the extra cash i say go for the KH.


I don’t know how much pounds are worth in American money, but 200 sounds like an excellent deal! Here it’s $400 with the Kris Holm seat.
And I won’t be doing many one footed skills, so the shape of the frame won’t bother me too much. At least it will be an improvement from my Savage, which has a completely rounded frame.
Speaking of my Savage, I completely destroyed it yesterday. There’s about 10 holes in the tire. Darn. I’m going to use my friedns Torker until I get a new uni.

At the current exchange rate, 200 British pounds are equivalent to $323.46 USD. So that is a pretty good deal.

Here is Yahoo’s currency conversion site.