new trials rims in 49mm !!!

Check these babies out!

unfortunately in 32h only, but i mean they are pretty nice looking and new. And might be stronger than the now famous DOB magnesium rims :wink:

so who’s gonna get one?

Surely 2mm wider isn’t going to make enough of a difference to justify paying that much!

A unicycle manufacturer seriously needs to make a 32 hole hub. This rim looks sick, but I’m not sure it would hold up. But what do I know :roll_eyes:

Edd- I know of a few people who would pay to gain 2mm. Plus, its about 40 grams lighter than a KH07 rim.

I wont get one :wink: Not this time haha
Im still waiting to get out and ride my new toy… injured my knee before i got my Ti hub… i cant wait to be able to ride it.

do you think you will see a big difference wen riding??

He he, so do I :wink:
Hmm, dam you Brendan. Don’t post up about shiny new stuff when I am having thoughts of a new unicycle!

My Qu-Ax rim is 48mm wide…

I will feel a difference cause of the weight. I know that for sure, cause with the DOB rim it felt great too (in the beginning).

Nimbus hub + KH 07 rim (+spokes and rimtape, no cranks and bolts): 1410g
Nimbus hub + DOB (+spokes and rimtape, no cranks and bolts): 1160g
KH Titanium hub + KH 08 rim (+spokes and rimtape, no cranks and bolts): 1230g


thats the holiest rim i’ve ever seen… where are the sidewalls?!?

They are there, it’s just kind of hard to see those silver sidewalls w/ the white background.

A year ago or so, I saw a 55 mm, 32 hole rim (& I think it was Mg.), but I forget the brand.

with 32 hole verse 36 hole on a unicycle, I think 36 hole wins. 4 spokes is not very much weight, and the 36 hole is stronger. since unis only have one wheel too, we can use the extra strength. The only really good reason I would see to switch to 32 hole would if we didn’t have unicycle manufacturers making 36 hole rims.


I dont see us all rushing to go buy quax.

I think switching to 32h might make sense, more compatibility with the trial bikes world. and 4 spokes surely don’t make THAT much difference :wink:

as for the extra 2mm, i’d buy them if my rim was trashed and i didn’t mind a 32h rim in a 36h hub. I mean the difference is minimal but it looks a whole lot cooler :wink:

As for the quax 48mm rim - is it new? cause qu-ax DB-45 is 45mm wide as the name suggests. Is this a new unreleased product? and can we have pictures?