new trials clips

I was just out for a ride on my own, and did some filming (it was pretty hard to do) anyways, i got quite a few new clips, and you should check them out.
Included is a 95cm sidehop!! so, yeah, watch them, and tell me waht you think.


how do i watch?

My bad
here they are



awesome videos - they make me want to go try something extreme and get hurt!

Really nice, Ryan.


Those were good clips, Ryan! Obviously, you have much skill. I’m a girl who does Trials (one of the MANY…lol!) and I can only do some of those jumps to a degree. I CAN do a 4 and a half foot dropoff.

Great job! Keep filming and e-mail me some A.I.M: unipsychogirl

I like the clips, don’t get me wrong. BUT, I can think of two problems with the context.

  1. Some of that masonry could possibly lose some value from nicks caused by pedal grabs. It looks like stockpiled inventory of some sort, not public property.
  2. I am guessing that the owner would like to put this inventory behind locked fences if s/he knew of the potential injury liability that is occuring off hours.

Am I only one that has thoughts like this?

having not seen the clips, i can’t talk about specifications, but if you know anything about skaters (skateboarders), a similar mentality is adopted in trials unicycling. having been a skater once, most of the time i feel the same way about trials unicycling that i used to about skateboarding, but i usually try to respect people’s property.

also, all of those are in avi and i have a mac with a quicktime extension. someone posted a plugin or something so people with quicktime could view avis using divx or something, does anybody know what i’m talking about? i’d appreciate the link.

What does this mean? I came across it in a Get Fuzzy comic once as the punchline and it really got me puzzled? Please enlighten me!

nevermind me i found that avi link.

my bad is a different way of saying “my mistake”

aye, it uses ‘bad’ as an object noun

one bad, two bad,
red bad, green bad

whoah, just watched some of those clips, unbelievable. now i want to go practice my hopping…forever.

Wow… great moves!
But can you do it blindfolded?

hey ryan,

really great new videos! i love your trial style, go on ! with the 95 cm sidehop you’re setting new scales. is it possible for you to jump those heights over a bar too ? actually i made only the 85cm over the bar…but i’m working.


great stuff. i’ve just recently got comfortable hopping up a curb on the 24X3, so i love watching these.

oh “c_ant_get_on_uni” is hilarious.



That is cool man!

I am learning to jump high at the moment. I dont know what my highest is. I would guess at bout 60cm.

Keep on jumping! :smiley:


nice work ryan! amazing height!
is that a world record or somethin? does anyone know the world record?

nice work too joe, is that with seat in or out?

as soon as my ankle gets better (sprained it again :angry: ) i’m gonna learn seat out and hopefully get some extra height. my current “seat in” height is about 21/22" or 53/55 cm.

neway, later


At NAUCC i jumped 92.5 cm over a bar in practice, and 90cm in competition. i probably could do 95 now.

This weekend, i’m goin to see if i can break 1 m.


I was there watching carefully; it’s true. Ryan was not the only one to jump 92 cm, but he was the best when the jumps were official.


I thought watching you clean the truck in the gulley in Minnesota was cool. These clips are unbelievable. You’re getting on things your own height in 3 moves.