New trial movie from sweden.

Hope you like it

nice vid your gaps to those rail with pedal grap are amazing the up to the rail and then the big gap down is my favourite keep the good work up

Like Johannes said, your pedalgrabs are simply amazing. Nice vid.

wow man, impressive, BACK FOOT PEDAL GRABS RULE! back foot all the way

i found the vid really cool except for the music, i didn’t like it

keep it up man

– bobousse

Wow your good. Nice ups, gaps, pedal grabs :astonished: , and poles.

Just amazing pedalgrabs, nice ups and the last gap :slight_smile: sweet

I really liked it :slight_smile:

Tnx for all the comments :slight_smile:

That last gap to grab amazed me. I was expecting you to land on the tyre on the pallets. Your pedals are funny because you hit the things you’re grabbing onto so hard. You’re really good, well done.

that was great. i loved the huge gaps!

Awesome gaps and pedal grabs. Round rail grabs are hard.

nice. everyone else has said it to but nice pedal grabs


My sentiment exactly. :sunglasses:

Amazing riding :slight_smile:

But IMO the music and/or the editing made it seem less impressive somehow :o

Edit: Is it me or did you start w/ a yellow rim then had an orange one?

From some angles it looks like you are wearing a full face helmut :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice
a couple of spots (hopping up the arch for one) were really lame
amazing gaps though

those pedals grabs amazed me, Back foot pedal grabs all the way!!! That gap at the end rivals Skrobo’s gap over his truck in my opinion, excelent job!

I’m interested to watch this, but being at boarding school, Youtube is blocked. Ghey…

Someone please upload it onto this forum’s gallery? or perhaps post a downloadable Windows Media Player link here? T’would be good, thanks. :slight_smile:

Tnx :slight_smile: No I think it’s because the differnt cameras i used made the rim coulor look differnt.

try getting to Youtube via