New Toy!!

I just pulled my new KH Freeride out of the box and have ripped my back yard to shreads! I can’t wait to get this on a real trail. My back yard is a medium steep hill that I never got to the top of with my Schwinn. There’s also what I would consider a very short steep downhill that challenges the tread to keep biting. I’ve officially done two complete successful laps of the yard which includes the uphill, and the downhill. Lots of other incomplete but very fun attempts. My friends from our unicycle club are headed to Kentucky for the Muni weekend (I’ve got obligations at work), I’m sooo envious. This is one sweeeeeet machine. I also logged my first unicycle “air”. Tiny air, but air nonetheless…I even videotaped it!! This uni is coming with me to the Tetons this summer, anybody out there want to do some riding?



evidence of my first “air”.


let’s try this…

Since I don’t have a GALLERY (poor me), here’s a link to a little video of me achieving air for the first time. Modest beginning, there’s only up from here!



Congratulations on your new unicycle! Looks like a lot of fun. Was your unicycle before this a schwinn? Wow thats quite a change!


Congratulations Unidaddy. A Muni is a wonderful new toy. Keep up the terrific work. I hope that in the future, you’ll put in some original music. Maybe something called the Uni Symphony.

alright then…

the music is a small chunk of the opening of Schumann’s Konzerstuck for 4 horns and Orchestra…Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra with Sir John Eliot Gardiner conducting.


Bravo, Bravo!

Yes, Lee…but that’s not the complete story. I also have a nice coker with the airfoil rim that I ride distance with. I get out regularly with Billham from these forums. The Schwinn took a major beating before I got the new KH…in a way I feel bad that I trashed it, but when my youngest daughter learns to ride my wife promised me that she would learn (I’ll get a new wheelset for it then). My youngest is still four and we haven’t found a 12" uni for her to try yet…I don’t want to buy one until she seems like she’s taking to it. My two older daughters (7, and 5) are riding 16" Torkers and my oldest loves to ride off road with hers. There’s a whole new chapter beginning!

–Bob (unidaddy):smiley:

Absolutely amazing footage! Especially the slow mo. :smiley:

You should mention that everyone in the symphony was riding a uni when that music was recorded.

Seriously, last night we were doing some trials together and unidaddy is quickly taming that KH and showing it who’s in charge.

Congrats on getting a great ride.


riders in PA

Hi Folks,
I’m new to the forum, and I see you in this thread are from PA.

I’m interviewing for a job in State College soon and I can’t help but wonder what the Uni community is like there. Any ideas?

I found a juggling club website for Penn State, but nothing specifically on unicycling.

Keep up the good work! This forum is really great. I have yet to try Muni riding, I am regaining my skills from when I was a kid. I too a 10 year hiatus and am back up to a level 3 now and looking to invest in better shin guards. Youch!



Um, a little off topic but how was it teaching your girls how to ride. At what age did they start to learn? How long did it take them? My oldest is 3 1/2 ands she likes watching me ride in front of our house (I’m not sure what my neighbors think) but I haven’t even suggested that she try it.

Oh and congratulations on the new muni.