New to unicycling

Hey guys! I’m thinking about starting unicycling. My friend told me about this website and how awesome you guys are. I’m wondering what kind of unicycle I should start out with, and how I can get some better balance (I assume you need good balance). I can’t wait to get started! Thanks guys. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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You should probably get a CX. From Torker they are pretty good and only cost 150 CAD
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Welcome. The people here are awesome. Is your friend registered here? As for a unicycle to start with, it depends hugely on your budget. Most folks don’t like to invest too much until they’ve really gotten a feel for it. I like the Torker CX20 or CX24 for a basic starter cycle (that’s 20" or 24" diameter wheel). If your kinda short or very young, start with the 20". If your taller, get a 24". Good luck.

Well you have alot of options when it comes to buying your first unicycle. Its kind of tough at first especially when you really start looking around. There are several manufacturers across the globe.

I just recently started about a month ago and made an impulse purchase at my local bike and hobby store. Every time I drove by I saw their unicycles in the window. Finally on my birthday I marched down there and picked one off the wall. I have a torker cx 24 inch. it cost me about 120 dollars.

Now, since Ive looked around on the internet I’ve found that I really spent way too much for it. You can look on ebay and find some great deals on the same one I have. From reading on the forums I’ve found that alot of people bought the same one I did for their first uni and later moved onto something better after they had learned how to ride it. Also has an excellent selection.

Just remember there are alot of crappy uni’s out there as well as some very expensive ones. I would start off small and work your way up. Luckily I made a good purchase without knowing it.

Theres some great tutorials you can find on this site if you look around. One of the best ones I’ve read is dudewithasock’s beginning journal, I found it helped quite a bit just reading someone going through the same frustrations and conquering them with determination. Ill put the link for it at the bottom.

If you imagine balancing a straight object upright on the palm of your hand, like a tennis racket, or a baseball bat. This is very similar to keeping a unicycle upright. if the top starts moving forward you have to move the bottom forward. and vice versa for all directions. It helped me understand what was going on.

Remember when you do get your uni and start to ride it. you will fall down. so keep safety gear in mind. WEAR A HELMET.

Here is the journal I was talking about.

Good luck! and make sure you STAY SEATED.

what price range are you looking at?

Like 100-1000 dollars. No more no less.

What? Or are you just lying?

$1000 USD? That will get you pretty much some of the best unicycles out there. I recomend that you don’t get one that expensive to start. Get a Torker LX. Great starter, and only around $100 USD.

i have a 20" cx and i really like, i have since moved on but i never did try to break my cx (and yes, they will break) because it is a great learner uni that doesnt cost very much and sometimes i lend it out to my friends who want to learn.

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what uni are you going to buy?

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so what uni are you going to get???

i recomend the LX, a bit better than the CX… maybe get a cheap qu-ax off ebay… or is that for uk only? u can get a qu-ax isis pro for real cheap in the UK/germany

they are going for like £70 which is like $140 and u get a lovely low profile seat and isis hub/cranks.