new to unicycles!

Hello Folks!

So for a while now I have been contemplating purchasing a unicycle as they look so fun! I ride a town bike usually so will be different to what im used to , however I am up for the challenge! I see there are alot on the market.

Most importantly for me is trying to figure out the specs of the unicycle that would benefit me the most… its seems theres a big difference between a 20" and 26" and also im aware theres 29" to 36"

what sizes are good for what? and what brands of bike can people suggest. My budget is decent enough… but obv dont want to be paying 1000’s! Just to get me started really and see if I like it… no doubt i will love it! They look so much fun! any suggestions and experiences are welcome!


It really depends on where you want to ride and how. I wouldn’t recommend 36" for a beginner, but if you learn on a 26" (that was my learning size, but most people start with 20"), 29"/36" might make a good second unicycle.

Nowadays I either ride 20" or 36". The in between sizes are mostly good for muni at various grades of difficulty.

There is a million threads about this already. You can spend days reading them. But if you describe where and how you want to ride, you can get recommendations tailored to you.

We all start with just one uni and some learn to ride a bit. Maybe we even started out with a friend’s uni when they offered. “I’ll just try this, it won’t do me any harm, just once.” Then one day, Google Ads springs up a uni because you dared to put “unicycle” in a search just once. Now you have your own unicycle and you can get a hit any time you want. You have joined the ranks of those of us always looking for the next uni. You get another, then another.

This week I bought two unis. One of them is the first time I have bought brand new. No longer can I satisfy my lust with the second hand market. The other is a size I already have. In fact it is very similar to one those I have but BETTER. Ahhhhhh!!! It all started rescuing a ten dollar uni with no pedals at a garage sale. Latest tally, unicycling has cost me over $3,500 over the past couple of years.

When I got the first uni, my wife even asked me how I saw this progressing. I said I just wanted to ride up and down the street a bit and one day in the distant future I might even get to the local shop, though the hills looked impassible. But no! I road over the hills, I rode past the shop, I rode to town , I rode past town, I rode 20 km, I rode up and down huge hills. I’ve got a trials, a free style, a 24, a track racer, a 26, a 29 with difference configurations for road and muni. I have eight unis and still I want more! More!!! More !!!

The Australian championships are coming up in October. Since i found out last week, my life revolves around unis. Riding them, upgrading them, never far from my consciousness.

Are you sure you want to do this? Do you value other aspects of your life?

Oh yes. Your question. Buy a 20 or a 24 to get started because they are easier to learn and not as far to fall. If the bug bites you will buy the others later anyway.

Don’t buy the really crappy ones. They make learning harder and might even put you off. There are good brands but they can be quite expensive new. Start off with a mid range. Do a bit of research. There are really good second hand deals on decent unis that come up fairly frequently.

Tell us your height and what kind of riding you imagine you would like to start with and we can make suggestions.


unicyles 20/24

HAHAHAHA made me chuckle this! thanks for the reply! I am ready to give my life over! :slight_smile: Ok seems 20/24 sounds good. My height is around 5’7 … I dont think I want to pay 3000 odd but Id will willing for 250 ish … even that maybe too cheap? Your right I will do some more research for sure… just thought I would get started on here:-) AND YES! do the championships!! why not eh! one life and all! thanks again buddy!


Thanks for your response! yeah well just around the park to start and some streets by my house… I dont think im ready for the hills just yet! haha. def need to do some more research for sure… at least that narrows it down somewhat to two sizes I am now considering! thanks!


Not really sure of the point of this post to be honest? wasting time mate!

I think it was in response to this thread you started. You came onto a unicycle specific forum to chat about bikes… I hope you aren’t a troll, because its always nice to see more people interested in unicycling :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, and I look forward to following your progress. I’d suggest one of UDCs ‘club’ unicycles as your first (whichever size you decide on) They can take a serious beating, and are cheap enough not to have to worry about any damage caused in the learning stages.

Wasn’t meant as a personal attack, just a good way to separate between spambots and real people :wink:

Welcome to the forum !

I will anticipate the usual LMGTFY reply (check !).

The choice of size depends on the discipline you want to do (tricks=20, very long distance=36).

The short answer is: get a cheap one to get started (to avoid crap go for second hand or slightly more than eBay/Amazon chinese ones). Once you will get the hang of it, you will start to feel in which direction you want to expand and buy accordingly :slight_smile:

Most of us started with bikes … then went on to the harder stuff.