New to the sport, in Sweden

my name is David and I’m a beginner…

So my interest in one wheel started the fall of 2020 when I came across the excellent videos from
Ed Pratt and his World Unicycle Tour. I thought it looked so ridiculous and awesome at the same time. I remember a kid from my school a long time ago also riding a large wheel and found my self thinking “What if I also had…”. I then decided that it’s never too late, and set up a goal to learn to ride a 36".

So I ordered my first ever unicycle, a Club 26". I have access to a ~25m long indoor area (old barn) and started train when time permitted. So it went on from time to time during winter. In February I bought a 36" Trainer UDC. Well, it’s not entirely made for indoor use, but I have managed to get resonable at free mounting and riding my 25m before the need to hop off and do it again. And there is where we’re at now.

Basically I have only tried my 36" on two occasions outdoor. And I still have a lot to learn. It’s quite different riding the outdoors compared to indoors.

Here’s a picture from my last training ride (I’ve found a flat paved abandoned road for the purpose).

Cheers! /David


Good on you!

Hi. Welcome to the international forum for the great sport of unicycling. Are you in the northern part of Sweden?

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Well, not really. At 60.5°N, not that much further north than Oslo I suspect. Also, thank you for your informative videos. Helped me a lot…

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hej hopp! kul att traeffa dig!

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