New to forums and in need of help

Hi everyone. This seems to be a great community and I’m happy to join it. Here’s my story:

I learned to ride a few months ago. Now I can freemount, idle, and go backwards, and kinda do a small hop. The next tricks I am trying to learn are rolling hops (up curbs), one footed riding, and wheelwalking. I have watched tutorials and such but am still not making progress. I think my problems is I can’t force myself just go for it (especially wheelwalking). Anyone have any tips? Thanks.

There is a wealth of information on a plethora of riding skills right on this forum. Use the Search function and practice, practice, practice!

Try to meet some other unicyclists and ride with them. It will help you to go beyond your comfort zone.

Focus on one skill and practise it solidly for 15 minutes at a time. Then do something that you can already do for a few minutes.

If you keep getting it wrong, take a break. You are teaching muscle memory, so if you keep getting it wrong, you are teaching your muscles to fail.

Remember it is a hobby, not an examination. However good you get, there will always be someone better. There are already about 6,000,000 who are not as good as you.

you just need to be persistant. you also need to just go for it, if you don’t go for it, you won’t get anywhere, just get your mind set and go for it!!

try and have fun, most tricks I have learned when just fooling around and doing something else

Safety gear is helpful, too. I was scared of hopping up steps until I put on some leg armor, and then I didn’t worry so much about getting hurt and mastered it quickly. If you can feel protected, you’ll be able to go for it a little more easily.