New style ->

Hello! this is my first upload here hope you like it :slight_smile: The

Cya:D The quality Is stupid on you tube ill try uppload it on Vimeo…

Pretty cool :slight_smile: nice 3spins.

Thanks i have done a 540 now :slight_smile: But i did get an ankel bite so i can’t do it in some days :frowning:

nice job man since when do you drive ??

Really nice video :slight_smile:

Enjoyed very much watching it.

Awesome song choice:P

I have been riding for 1,5 years now :slight_smile: thanks.


and the quality looks good to me

Nice video, good job. Hey I was wondering what tire (white) are you using? Thanks.

It’s the white tryall.

I liked the way you incorporated a good variety of unicycle ‘disciplines’. Nice all-around riding. I really enjoyed the 3-spins, since that is a trick that I’m working on right now, and you got some really nice 3-spin footage in there.

Thanks for all comments :smiley: