New street video


Here’s my new video.

Awesome !!!

Why did this end ? Best tech street video I have ever seen. Every clip in there were surprising, clean, stylish, original and incredible ! I truely cannot name any in particular since I liked them all (well, maybe actually the fakie 180 up the table and 540 down, but only because I love twists…). It’s good also to see you got a new camera (not saying the other one was that bad, but the footage this one film looks definitively better).

You’ve always been a great inspiration for me, and when I saw you posted a new street vid after such a long time, I couldn’t believe it nor wait for it to load. I hope you will keep riding street for a while now, because you please us everytime you post something, while on the other hand I can easily understand how it can get complicated to ride (and moreover to film) at this period of life.

I would love to have the opportunity to meet you and ride with you one day, it would be great !


Cleanest rider out there. Making everything look so easy. 180 fakie flip up a 3, I dont know many kids that can do that down.

Such flow and style, love, love your riding, bro. Keep em coming, ima go ride now…



Watched it a few times now, fantastic riding!

One suggestion, make more videos!!!

Man, you’re my favourite rider <3

You should make definitely more videos, love your style!

Sick sooooo clean and creative!

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Bad a$$. thnx 4 sharing.