New Street Vid-Seven Eleven


Good video…You are really good.

That was awesome. You have lots of flow, I liked that treflip off that thing at the skatepark without hops.

Thanks guys. youtube link should be up soon.:slight_smile:

Cool stuff man. The treflips and doubles were pretty nice. You’re going to NAUCC, right?

thanks dude. Ya Im going. Can’t wait.:slight_smile:

That was nice and smooth, especially the hop onto the table. You tuck very well. Do you always hop that way, with both hands on the seat? I’ve never seen anyone do that quite the same way.

great stuff in there the riding at naucc is going t be so fun. why 2 hands on the seat?

I hopped up the table with one hand. The only time i use two is with crankflips.

yea I can only double crankflip my DX with 2 hands. Nice video, I liked the variel flip, and the double 180.

Nice I liked it! Only wish I could ride like that! :slight_smile:

Yeah, lots of flow and NOT lots of hops.


great vid. i love the look on the skater’s face behind you when you did the trey off the platform

nice video loved your flow…