New Street Unicycle

I just went to a local bike shop and they had a street unicycle for sale. (I have had two unicycles before but I broke them jumking down stairs.) They said they would give it to me for $130 even thought the tag said $160. I bought it on the spot. I want to know if it is actually any good for a street unicycle. I am mainly concerned about the thick and heavy wheel. It is a Sun with a 20x4.25 inch wheel. Is such a thick wheel common among street cycles? What are some of the benefits to such a thick wheel? Should I return it and get a street unicycle online with a 2.5 inch thick wheel?

Sorry but I am kind of a newbie when it comes to street unicycles.

20x4.25 sounds REALLY fat, even for street. That tyre must look like a donut…

It seems Club do a similar ride.

When I went to the link you posted it made it sounds like the unicycle was more a novelty than a real street unicycle. I think maybe I should take it back and get a 2.5 inch wheel. I want to be able to do more tricks. I just think it will be to heavy for any tricks. I wish it would not have been advertised as a "street " unicycle.

A wheel like that has lots of rotational momentum. Though I haven’t spent a lot of time riding one, my impression was that they’re not much good for tricks. I managed to idle and bunny hop a little, but it was heavy and the top of the fork was so wide that it poked my calves. A bike shop owner offered me one for what was supposed to be a discounted price- $200. The fat tire is supposed to be good for riding on sand, I think I read somewhere, though when I told the bike shop owner that, he just roared with laughter.

Here’s a thread about “monsters.” It doesn’t say much beyond what you’ve already figured out, though. Definitely NOT a street unicycle.