Monster Unicycle!!!

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Just wandering, but has anyone ever seen a monster unicycle as sold by

If anyone has seen one of these in action, what are they like? Are they easy or hard to ride? What sort of situation would you want to be using this in?

Any help or advice about this would be very useful!

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Mark Watson

It’s a novelty unicycle. A unicycle for special occasions like parades or where you want to have something a little different. It would not be good as a primary unicycle. Novelty unicycles are something to get if you already have five unicycles and are looking for something unique and not particularly practical.

couldnt of put it better myself :slight_smile: nice.

I’ve seen one in the flesh, and it looks like fun. But that’s about it. I’ve not ridden one, or seen anyone ride one, or can think of a reason why you’d want to ride one… other than for fun. Almost anything that you would want to do on a unicycle you’ll find that there’s a specific one for that and it’ll do a much better job.


PS “200 feet and counting!!!” Are you a centipede? :smiley:

yer for novelty are you a centapede i like that one it made me laugh :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi there,

No, no, no. The message “200 feet and counting” refers to how far I have ridden on a unicycle without stepping off! This seems very good to me considering I was only riding about 20 or 30 feet at the weekend!

Hope this clears things up! LOL!

Many thanks

Mark Watson

yes I rode the prototype actually, not terribly easy or fun to ride, just nice to look at. Unless you have the tyre pumped up high the extra grip makes it extremley difficult to turn on a sealed surface.

It’s a horrible unicycle to ride. But it does look quite cool. I can see it’d be cool to have for idling and juggling on, just because of the looks, but can’t think of any other reason anyone would want one.


When i read the title “Monster Unicycle”. I thought of this. :smiley:


That’s a monocycle (rider inside the wheel) not a unicycle (rider on top of the wheel). Although I think most other languages don’t have that distinction.


you said that monocycle means “rider inside the wheel” , but in French it means unicycle…


Yes I know. Is English the only language to have different words for these two kinds of single-wheeled vehicles? Anyway, getting a bit off-topic here - I’ll make another thread to ask the question - I want to know now.


I saw somewhere a unicycle, made out of a car wheel. It looks magnificent:D


i think that would excpetionatly hard to turn.

Anyone know what racing team that guy is from? I’ve seen the unicycle before in pictures posted in RSU, but I’ve not been able to find out what racing team he works for. It would be neat to find out what team he works for and find more pictures of him riding that unicycle.

I got the picture on google.
Index of /blog/images is where the picuture is (which I’m sure you’ll know) , if that helps…

I looked at the rudyrucker blog and it’s just a blog by someone who snapped that picture at a race. No info on the unicycle guy he is from or even what type if racing the team does (drag racing? stock? F1? Indy? ?).

Unfortunately his jacket has no terribly obvious signs on it, but the bridge to cross the track behind him suggetss it’s not drag, stock or Indy .

I’ve ridden one of these a fair bit, and they’re a lot of fun, get the tyre pumped up and you can do quick turns but it’s easier to do big turns on it. The rim looks stupidly weak though, the seam looks like it’s riveted together! You can see in the picture, near the bottom there’s a little black tab, not sure what it is to be honest. It’s definitely a novelty thing, but it would be interesting to see other designs/better quality. The purple/green paint it just awesome though!