New Short Video

It’s short and it doesn’t have any difficult tricks because it was mostly just for editing practice but I figured I would post it. This is my first video that I have acually tried to edit and make it look half decent so please comment and tell me what you think.

that was great…I will be excited to see an actual movie some time

i liked the song for the 10 second it was playing. you should extend that you have better tricks than some of the people who post videos here.

I liked the editing, always good to see tricks slow and fast but it’s better when it isn’t the same shot fast and slowed down. keep it up

Good editing.

Start w/ the title then rider(s), , sponsor(s), location(s). The last three could be in any order, and the last two only if they apply.

Have fun w/ it if nothing special. ie: sponsor - Uncle Joe, Locations - driveway, back yard. prefferably more creative than that.

If a longer vid there are other intro credit options:
title, location, rider, film. 2nd location, 2nd rider, film, etc. Like U2, Defect.

End credits: sponsors - KH, Onza, etc. Special thanks - Mom for _____, sister for not being anoying, etc. Music - Artist, song.

good shortish length: 30-90 seconds
Good longish length: 3-4 min

I’m in a good mood, 5 stars and an amazing comment

Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone. I’ve been shooting some more footage and i’m working on making a video of the same style that I hope to have out sometime next week!

cool…that exciting